Hunt54321’s Club Penguin Site

About Me

I am Hunt54321,

I joined Club Penguin on Novemeber 23, 2006. You can talk to me at I am an Admin at I am an editor at I use for my IM. I am a “Super” Moderator at PengTown ( I’m 11 years old. One of my favorite websites is Very few of you may have a slight chance of knowing me as Hunt54.

Some of my best online buddies are:
Joel (
Paul38 (
Sauska (
Clay Aichen (
John-h (

You can contact me with the following:
Meebo- hunt54321
YahooIM- Hunt54321
GoogleTalk- hunt54321
AIM- Hunterk54

If you have none of those you can go to my chatbox-

Waddle Away…

P.S. History behind the name Hunt54321. I was about 6 or 7 years old and my parents were gone to see a movie. My babysitter was at my house and I was on I was signing up for a name there. I typed in “Hunt”. It was already taken so they gave me some suggestions. One of them was Hunt54. I really liked that name. I chose it.

About 2 years later (Around the time of the Astro Barrier Pin)

I was sufing Miniclip and I came across Club Penguin. I registered and all as Hunt54. It was weird at first for me.I found my first pin the Astro Barrier Pin at the Snow Forts. I got bored and never came back to CP until….

Novemeber 23, 2006

I was at my Grandparents house for Thanksgiving on my Dad’s laptop. Again, I was surfing Miniclip and I found Club Penguin. At that time I didn’t remember it at all. I tried to sign up as Hunt54. Username Taken. After about 2 minutes of brainstorming I resolved to the name Hunt54321. Thats why I am Hunt54321. 


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